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Grooming Services Provided By: Loyal Looks
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Spa Services for Boarders

Lucky Dog Company offers cage free Boarding and Doggy Daycare 7 days a week!ty All of that activity and outdoor play in our spacious yards can include rolling in the grass, and sometimes finding a fun mud puddle! 

You can also request a bath or full groom with any stay at check-in and take home a Happy Healthy Beautiful Pet when you pick up your best friend.

Cage Free Salon Services

Lucky Dog is committed to Happy, Healthy, Beautiful Pets and our unique cage free salon experience sets us apart from the competition. We offer cage free Salon Grooms by appointment 7 days a week at Lucky Dog. We open at 6:30am and offer late pick-ups to accommodate busy schedules. Social pets are welcome to enjoy a day of social doggy daycare with their bath or groom at no additional charge. Even pets who do not make 4-legged friends easily can enjoy large suites instead of small crates while they wait for their ride home. Unlike many salons we offer several options for your pet's visit that do not include spending the day in a cage. Our appointments are scheduled for the time when we intend to work with your pet and typically take no more than an hour or two. Our hands-on start to finish service provides a level of comfort and bonding between your pet that minimizes stress and amplifies a strong relationship between your pet and their care provider. Specialized products are chosen by your professional groomer from bath to finishing spray to ensure that your dog's specific issues are addressed with every visit. In addition to personalized care for your pet our groomers are committed to helping you as a pet owner successfully maintain a healthy skin and coat between visits and we are always happy to answer care questions and address areas of concern as they develop
Mobile Grooming Services

Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming Units are independently owned and operated across Texas and Oklahoma. To locate the unit nearest to you please see the home page.

Our Mobile units are fully self contained salons on wheels supplying their own power, hot and cold water, and featuring all of the amenities of a grooming salon delivered directly to your home or office. Mobile Grooming is a one on one, specialized experience for your pet and your day is minimally interrupted allowing you to deliver your pet to your doorstep and return to your home instead of scheduling around a salon visit. Our groomer with be hands on for the entire visit focused solely on your pet. The process is a faster, lower stress, and more convenient grooming experience for you and your pet.