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If you are looking for a new pet, or an opportunity to help out shelter pets in your area, please contact the Brazoria County SPCA. This shelter is always full of adorable, adoptable dogs, cats, and small pets. We often groom poodles, schnauzers and other sought after breeds for this organization so we encourage you to adopt your next best friend here. Check out the Lucky Dog Facebook page to see who we are currently fostering for SPCA of Brazoria County, and drop off donations for them 7 days.

Gulf Coast STARS (Southern Texas Animal Rescue) is a non-profit animal rescue based in Lake Jackson, Texas. This amazing organization houses pets in various foster homes and actively seeks homes for the pets in their care. If you are looking for a new pet, or a volunteer opportunity we would really like you to consider Gulf Coast Stars. Check out our Facebook to see who we are currently fostering for Gulf Coast STARS, and drop off your donations for this great group 7 days.

At Lucky Dog, our pets are like our children. We use NuVet's FDA approved, human grade supplements because we know that they really do make our pets happier, healthier and more beautiful. Many of our clients have tried these products risk free and thanked us for sharing them, so we continue to share them as often as we can. This is not a sales pitch, but our true stories of how these products help our dogs.

Lucky is a 15 year old larger mixed breed with early stage hip dysplasia, benign tumors, and hearing loss. We started using NuJoint when his pain medications began to effect his liver function. Not only has his mobility, pain medication dependency, and liver function improved, but he has not developed any new tumors since we began using these products and without the haze of medications he has his old energy levels and personality back too.

  Bubba is our Chow Mix, and before NuVet he suffered from horrible dry, flaky irritated skin and allergies that led to hot spots and staining. He was constantly licking, and at times would shy away from contact due to the raw hot spots that developed. Now his coat is full and healthy, but more importantly he is happier and eager to be petted again. I also think that his energy level is improved as well as a result of the NuVet supplements.

 Last but not least, our rescue dogs. We have seen some malnourished and neglected dogs transformed in our facility and Nuvet is a big part of those transformations. These supplements revitalize and repair the damage that neglect does to a pets skin, coat, and body. In addition to a lot of TLC, the vitamins can take days or weeks off of the rehabilitation time of these dogs and get them ready for adoption with their best paw forward.

We encourage you to try them for 30 days with the money back guarantee and share your story with us.