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Lucky Dog Company
2004 Brazosport Blvd. N.
Richwood, Texas 77531

2004 North Brazosport Blvd, Richwood, TX 77531

Meet the Caring Staff of Lucky Dog Company

Lauren LaCount

Company Founder
Lauren founded Lucky Dog in 2009 as an in home grooming salon and has since added 3 mobile grooming units and a 3000 square foot resort in Richwood, Texas. From the beginning Lucky Dog has been her passion and she continues to work side by side with the entire staff and the Lucky Dogs every day.

Katherine Martin

Grooming Director
Katherine joined Lucky Dog in the Spring of 2017 as a full time Groomer, when she relocated from Tyler, Texas. With multiple certifications, continuing education, and competition level skill, she has taken over full operation as the Grooming Director of the salon in Richwood.

Traci Taylor

Kennel Supervisor
Traci joined the Lucky Dog team in October 2016. In addition to volunteering in advocacy for Reptile groups, she adopted her own dog, Shadow, from Gulf Coast Stars. Traci worked for BC-SPCA before coming to Lucky Dog, and has brought with her years of animal and facility care experience to Lucky Dog.

Lucky Dogs Mobile Grooming - Cleveland, Texas

51 County Road 3821, Cleveland, Texas 77328

Owner: DeAnn Best

-Cage Free

-Veterinarian recommended

-Mobile Grooming

-SPCA Volunteer Groomer

Address: 51 CR 3812

Cleveland, TX 77328

Phone: 713-724-1988

DeAnn Bruening

Mobile Groomer - Montgomery County

DeAnn began her Lucky Dog journey working in the Polk County Mobile unit along side the company founder. After 2 years of side by side training and development, DeAnn started the Montgomery County Mobile Grooming Unit, the third in our fleet.

Other Lucky Dog Mobile Unit Owners

Independently Owned and Operated Lucky Dog Built Mobile Grooming Units

Salley Amyett

Polk County, Texas

The Original Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming Unit

Feliccia Heitner

Wilburton, Oklahoma
Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming Unit #2, and the first unit to leave the great State of Texas, went North in the Spring of 2017 for a new life with a new owner!

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Who's Next?
Lucky Dog Company is always looking for the next Groomer to own and operate a Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming Unit, Salon, or Cage Free Resort. Contact us today to learn how you can get started!