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Boarding Accommodations

Choose from several overnight accommodation options: 

  • 100% Cage Free Boarding in one of our spacious, indoor, fenced daycare areas or in a custom sized family suite
  • Premium Extra Large Family Suites  w/Semi Private Daycare (6'Dx6'Wx6'T or 6'Dx8'Wx6'T Family Suites)
  • Premium Level 3 Containment (For Escape Artists or Pets with Separation Anxiety)
  • Standard Large Suites (6'Dx4'Wx5'T)
  • Standard Medium Suites (3'Dx5'Wx4'T Balcony or 4'Dx4'Wx4'T)
  • *Standard Small (5'x3') or Extra Small (4'x2') AKC Crates *
  • *Standard  BYOC (Bring Your Own Crate) *
*These options are only available under special circumstances.*

Standard Boarding

   Every boarding visit includes a private suite for meal time and resting, 24 hour access to fresh water, clean bedding, all daily meals and administration of medication and supplements. 

  Elevated pet beds, social group play, toys, enrichment activities and special requests are usually included with standard boarding visits after your pet has passed initial evaluations. 

    Pets who are not eligible for social daycare spend time playing privately in our spacious daycare areas, and receive no less than 5 one on one play times with staff out of their room per day. Pets who chew, or otherwise damage or destroy beds, bedding, toys or other property can be provided alternatives, but we do request that owners make the staff aware of known issues at check in to avoid unexpected fees for excessive damage to property. 

Senior Guests
   We know that getting older can be 'ruff' on a pet and, as they age, their needs often change. From orthopedic bedding to soft, slip resistant mats for stability and relief for tender joints, our staff is ready to accommodate senior guests. We never charge extra to administer the medications or supplements that your pet needs and most special accommodations for senior pets are included in our standard boarding rates.
  While many seniors are still active and playful, we do have enrichment activities and group play schedules specifically tailored for your mature pet. If at any time your pet appears tired or uncomfortable we will make appropriate changes to their schedule to ensure that they enjoy their visit and get plenty of rest and relaxation between play sessions.

Premium Boarding

    Our newly updated Premium Family Suites and Custom Size Family Suites offer visitors a larger, semi-private boarding space with more homelike comforts than standard boarding. These premium accommodations are recommended for large families, special needs pets, senior pets, and any guest that may prefer a little more privacy or more space to walk around while they are in their suite.  
    Premium suites have optional semi-private daycare play and family play options. These suites have independent climate control and lighting options as well as the ability to expand the suites as large as 8' Deep by 22' feet wide, bigger than most bedrooms, to meet your unique preferences. 
   Due to the popularity and limited availability of our premium accommodations we strongly suggest reservations for Premium Family Suites and Custom Size Family Suites be made at least two weeks in advance of your stay during summer and holiday seasons to ensure availability.
Special Needs Guests
Lucky Dog has always had a heart for special needs pets. If your pet requires special care and extra attention, our caring staff is always ready to provide it.
To reserve a visit for a special needs pet please contact Lucky Dog before scheduling online and be sure to mention special needs when booking your reservation.

We regularly care for pets with the following conditions:
  • Arthritis, Amputees, and Paralysis
  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Separation and Other Anxiety
  • Mega-Esophagus
  • Diabetes
  • Incontinence
  • Blindness, and/or Deafness
We are happy to discuss your pet's unique needs to determine if our facility is a good fit for your pet.

Reservations and What to Bring

Text or Call:

*Please Note: Online Booking Requests must be made a minimum of 48 hours before check- in and are not guaranteed until your approval email is received.

The fastest way to make a reservation request is to text Lucky Dog Company with:

  • Your name
  • Your pet's name 
  • Suite Size 
  • The Dates you would like to check in and check out.

   You can also call and leave a message, email, or send messages through Facebook, however, staff is often away from the desk playing with dogs in daycare and unable to answer the phone or type a reply on the computer as quickly as they can respond to a text message.  

   Lucky Dog provides almost everything your pet needs to enjoy a fun filled visit at our facility. We ask that owners please provide:
  • Your Pet's Current Diet for the duration of their stay including any special instructions. A change in diet can result in digestive upset, but if you forget or by request we will provide Science Diet Advanced Fitness for $1.00 per feeding.
  • Current Vaccination Records including up to date proof of Rabies, Kennel Cough, and annual DAPP vaccinations. Canine Influenza and Lepto vaccinations are strongly recommended but not required.
  • We ask that parents DO NOT bring bedding, bowls, blankets, or other items from home. We provide everything your pet needs and our items can be sanitized daily for a safe and healthy boarding environment for everyone. If you have questions about what specialty feeders and other common specialty items we have, feel free to inquire when you reserve your suite.  


Pets Per






 100% Cage Free  or

Custom Size Suites

Unlimited Monthly Daycare & Boarding

 One Dog

 $25 Per Night

 $40 Per Night

 $50 Per Night and Up

  $375 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

 Two Dogs

 $40 Per Night

 $50 Per Night

 $60 Per Night and Up

$600 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

 Three Dogs

 $50 Per Night

 $60 Per Night

 $70 Per Night and Up

  $750 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

 Four Dogs

 $60 Per Night

 $70 Per Night

 $80 Per Night and Up

  $900 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

We offer discounts to Police, Fire, EMS, Veterans, (5%) and for Cash payment in Advance (10%). Unlimited Plans do not qualify for discounts.