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Traditional and Cage Free Boarding


  Home-Like Boarding with Lucky Dog is fully customizable to meet the needs of every pet. All of our boarding suites include fresh water, bedding, and up to three meals a day. We do not charge extra for medications, cage free social daycare, bedding, toys, or extra attention. Pets who are not eligible for social daycare spend meal times in our spacious daycare areas, and receive no less than 6 additional one on one playtimes with staff out of their room per day.

Choose from several accommodation options: 

  • 100% Cage Free Boarding in one of our spacious, indoor, fenced daycare areas.
  • Premium Extra Large Family Suites  w/Semi Private Daycare (6x6 or 6x8 rooms)
  • Standard Large Suites (6x4)
  • Standard Medium Suites (5x3)
  • Standard Small (5x3) or Extra Small (4x2) AKC Crates (By Request for Single Small Dogs Only)
   Lucky Dog provides almost everything your pet needs to enjoy a fun filled visit at our facility. We ask that owners please provide:
  • Your Pet's Current Diet for the duration of their stay including any special instructions. A change in diet can result in digestive upset, but if you forget we will provide Science Diet Advanced Fitness for $1.00 per feeding.
  • Current Vaccination Records including up to date proof of Rabies, Kennel Cough, and annual vaccinations. Canine Influenza vaccination is strongly recommended but not required.
Special Needs Guests
Lucky Dog has always had a heart for special needs pets. If your pet requires special care and extra attention, our caring staff is always ready to provide it.
Our newly updated Premium Family Suites offer visitors a larger, semi-private space with more homelike comforts than traditional boarding. These rooms also utilize a semi-private daycare play yard and independent climate control and lighting options for a fully customizable experience to match your unique preferences.

Dogs Per Room



 100% Cage Free

Unlimited Monthly Daycare & Boarding

 One Dog

 $25 Per Night

 $40 Per Night

 $50 Per Night

  $375 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

 Two Dogs

 $40 Per Night

 $50 Per Night

 $60 Per Night

$600 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

 Three Dogs

 $50 Per Night

 $60 Per Night

 $70 Per Night

  $750 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

 Four Dogs

 $60 Per Night

 $70 Per Night

 $80 Per Night

  $900 Per Month + Free Bath or Groom

We offer discounts to Police, Fire, EMS, Veterans, (5%) and for Cash payment in Advance (10%).