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Doggy Daycare

    Doggy daycare is a fun way for your pet to spend the day while you work, but it is not only convenient for pet owners, it is also a great way to keep your dog healthy, social, and happy.

    All of our indoor outdoor daycare areas are like a trip to the off leash dog park for your pet, everyday. Daycare dogs enjoy free play, group activities, games, exercise, and lots of fun with specially chosen groups and our Lucky Dog Staff every morning and afternoon, with a short nap in their private suites midday.

    Some of the fun activities daycare dog love are fetch, king of the hill, bubble parties, hay (sensory) days, puzzle and enrichment games, water activities, holiday parties, and of course birthday celebrations. With new toys, tunnels, climbing structures and landscaping being added all the time, dogs are constantly experiencing new things and making new friends at Lucky Dog Daycare.     

  Every Daycare Dog undergoes a multi-step temperament evaluation, health screening, and orientation before being certified as a social daycare dog. Our daycare groups are separated by size breed and disposition based on the dogs in attendance each day to ensure that everyone has a great time and leaves happy, tired, and anticipating their next visit to daycare.

  Our facility is different than most doggy daycare because we have three separate indoor/outdoor play areas, as well as 2 large outdoor only yards, and 1 indoor only daycare area. This variety means that your pet will be more likely to fit into one of our social groups even if your dog is getting older, or facing other mobility and play restrictions. Because we are an indoor/outdoor facility, weather is not a factor in our operating schedule and rain or shine your pet can get the exercise and social stimulation that they crave.

    Daycare packages range from daily to monthly packages and the more you stay the more you save with over 25% off for monthly clients. We also offer 10% off for Cash payments in advance, coded entry for self service drop off and pick up before and after hours, and free baths and nail trims when you purchase packages of greater than ten days.


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